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About Blixa 6 Studios

Blixa 6 Studios is a Berlin based graphic studio inspired by the natural world. We offer a rich, deep catalogue of licensable digital designs, graphics, backgrounds and templates for personal and business purposes.


Founded in 2002 as an identity development and design studio by Amy Stafford, over the years Blixa 6 Studios has evolved to become a digital resource for artists, designers and businesses, providing “raw” graphic materials to enhance new creative works.


In addition to off-the-shelf graphics, we also collaborate with select partners to develop custom designs, graphics and design systems for commercial projects and products.

About Amy Stafford

Amy Stafford is an award winning designer, multidisciplinary creative, author, artist and identity development consultant based in Berlin Germany.


Amy’s clients come from a broad range of industries – from finance to non-profit, archaeologists to cultural creatives and independent professionals. Amy volunteers her time, experience and talents to support many non-profit arts and cultural programs, most notably the Berlin based dance performance series LUCKY TRIMMER e.V.. In this enterprise she holds a seat on the board of directors, participating in the strategic development and curatorial board, while leading the brand development and wildly popular advertising design since 2004.


Amy’s writings on art, culture and architecture have been published internationally in magazines, journals and online sources. She has also held professor positions at art & design colleges and speaks on the topics of branding, identity creation and digital entrepreneurship to academic, creative and business communities.


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Clients & Partners

Brigitte Magazine

Patterns & graphics featured as section dividers in two 2016 special editions

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Graphic patterns available as an in-app purchase in this innovative and social photo editing and sharing app.

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Multiple award winning designs and jury selections in this popular online paper goods company featuring stationery, artwork and paper goods

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Communication design, strategy, ambassadorship and curatorial contributions

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The Para Foundation

Identity system design for Berlin based performance archivist project

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Katarina Witt
2x Olympic Gold medallist

Identity graphics, logo design, copywriting, web design

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Concepts, illustrations, logos and graphics

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TEDx Germany

Presentation design, icons and graphics

Awesome Brands

T-shirt graphics and novelty designs

Suraaj Linens, India

Fabric patterns for the craft quilting market

A Handful of Projects

Brigitte Magazine

Graphics featured as section dividers featured in following special editions:

+ Ferien-Brigitte: Sommer das Extradicke Ferienheft

+ Brigitte Spezial: Köstliche Klassiker, 80 Rezepte fürs Leben

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Random House

Gracing the cover of “All We Ever Wanted” by bestselling author Emily Giffin is one of my golden Scalloped Confetti designs, found on the north American, Canadian, large print and audio versions of the book from Penguin / Random House.

Story Publishers

Discover the lush graphics featured in the latest book by Hannah Fries, “Forest Breathing Retreat”, 2018.

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Hello Card

Multiple award winning designs and jury selections in this popular online paper goods company featuring stationery, artwork and paper goods

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Logo Designs

Explore a selection of logos designed for various clients over the years

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A short documentary

A short video documentary by Osvaldo Budet about Berlin: City of Oracles, a solo exhibition and installation by Amy Stafford at Siguaraya Galerie Berlin, 2010.

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