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About Blixa 6 Studios

As a multidisciplinary design office, Blixa 6 Studios brings together many intersecting fields. From Brand Concept Development and Identity Design, to Storytelling, Graphic Resource Licensing, Publishing, Education and Consultin, we provide a diverse yet interwoven collection of services to bring your project to life.


A brand isn’t what you say about yourself, but what others say about you.


From story to voice, values to style, each factor informs your audience’s idea of your brand and what they say about you when you aren’t in the room.


What’s that perception today? Where would you like it to be?


We take an approach we call Identity Architecture – to help emerging business develop an authentic foundation and structure to intentionally grow your brand. You may have a starter logo and website, but have never delved into the actual substance behind your brand – your story and emotional connection points that turn customers into loyal fans. That’s where we come in. We’ll help unpack your brand essence and unlock its full potential.


Seeing the big picture, conceptualising the stories and strategies for bringing them to realisation, selecting, briefing and providing guidance to the team. We can help bring your brand vision into reality by providing as needed support for your identity development. By advising in concept implementation, talent selection, art direction and creative development, we ensure the various aspects of your brand and its evolution are aligned.


Logos, letterhead and labels, oh my!


Posters, promotional pieces, pretty packaging.


From taglines to web texts, your voice is an extension of your identity. We help craft your language to integrate and reflect your brand’s unique voice and story.


Whether as an advisor to help navigate a new phase in your business, or provide insights and feedback based on the brand we’ve developed for you over time – we are happy to continue our relationship with clients well beyond the initial phases of brand development. Or join you on your new journey of identity exploration.

Identity Architecture

Identity Architecture provides a conceptual blueprint of your enterprise’s identity – integrating values, visions, stories, themes, archetypes, emotional drivers and visual resources in a flexible toolkit. Once defined, it provides guideposts for building an authentic identity, brand and communication strategy over time.

Identity Architecture informs tough decisions and steps by acting as a map of your inner territory, offering insightful clues and guideposts during dark times.

Identity Architecture empowers you to actively work from your unique values, purpose, vision and core themes.

Identity Architecture operates at a level that people can feel – although they may not be able to explain why.

Identity Architecture attracts the right people and opportunities while repelling “bad fits”.



Identity Architecture is ideal for businesses, teams and organizations that wish to build their brand from a core of authentitity, making decisions and taking actions based on values, not image – guided by what’s intrinsically right, not necessarily what’s fast or easy.



Identity Architecture is a powerful tool for people wanting to create their lives from a place of clarity around their purpose, values and vision. Working together to define the pillars and threads that create your personal blueprint, we can then concentrate on how to achieve your aims, whether through consulting, creative direction or storytelling.


Our Process

No matter the project, working with clients is a wholistic process of inquiry, exploration and divergent thinking followed by strategizing, rapid prototyping, revisioning and, when we’re ready, release. We leverage a proprietary intake and brainstorming process developed and refined over 25 years, which provides relevant and deeply resonant reflections of the client’s brand and the objective of the project.

The Steps





Intake workshop





Concept Development





Initial sketches
Review & Test











About the Founder


Amy Stafford is an award winning designer, multidisciplinary creative, author, artist and identity development consultant based in Berlin Germany.


She received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and MFA from Maryland Institute, College of Art in 1994. The following several years were spent in San Francisco working in web tech startups by day, while making and writing about art at night, for publications including Surface Magazine and The New Art Examiner. Then, in 2000, Amy moved to Berlin, joining the applied think tank Arthesia as creative director. In this role she contributed to high level brand strategy development projects for clients including Deutsche Bank, Swiss Re and Volkswagen / Autostadt.


Since launching Blixa 6 Studios in 2002, she has worked with clients around the world, including olympic gold medalist figure skater Katarina Witt and The Max Planck Institute and other a remarkable clients from a broad range of industries – including hospitality, private equity, archaeology and culture makers. Over the years Amy has supported many non-profit arts and cultural programs, most notably the Berlin based dance performance series LUCKY TRIMMER e.V.. In this enterprise she holds a seat on the board of directors, participating in the strategic development and curatorial board, while leading the brand development and wildly popular advertising design since 2004.


Amy’s writings on art, culture and architecture have been published internationally in magazines, journals and online sources. She has also held professor positions at art & design colleges and speaks on the topics of branding, identity creation and digital entrepreneurship to academic, creative and business communities.

Some of Our Clients

Publications & Press