About Blixa 6 Studios

Blixa 6 Studios is a Berlin based graphic studio inspired by the natural world. We offer a rich, deep catalogue of licensable digital designs, graphics, backgrounds and templates for personal and business purposes.


Founded in 2002 by Amy Stafford as an identity development and design studio, over the years Blixa 6 Studios has evolved to include a collection of digital products for artists, designers and businesses; providing licensable “raw” graphic materials to enhance new creative works.


In addition to off-the-shelf graphics, we also collaborate with select partners to develop custom graphics and design systems for commercial projects and products.

About the Founder

Amy Stafford is an award winning designer, multidisciplinary creative, author, artist and identity development consultant based in Berlin Germany.


She received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and MFA from Maryland Institute, College of Art in 1994. The following several years were spent in San Francisco working in web tech startups by day, while making and writing about art at night, for publications including Surface Magazine and The New Art Examiner. Then, in 2000, Amy moved to Berlin, joining the applied think tank Arthesia as creative director. In this role she contributed to high level brand strategy development projects for clients including Deutsche Bank, Swiss Re and Volkswagen / Autostadt.


Since launching Blixa 6 Studios in 2002, she has worked with clients around the world, including olympic gold medalist figure skater Katarina Witt and The Max Planck Institute and other a remarkable clients from a broad range of industries – including hospitality, private equity, archaeology and culture makers. Over the years Amy has supported many non-profit arts and cultural programs, most notably the Berlin based dance performance series LUCKY TRIMMER e.V.. In this enterprise she holds a seat on the board of directors, participating in the strategic development and curatorial board, while leading the brand development and wildly popular advertising design since 2004.


Amy’s writings on art, culture and architecture have been published internationally in magazines, journals and online sources. She has also held professor positions at art & design colleges and speaks on the topics of branding, identity creation and digital entrepreneurship to academic, creative and business communities.

Some of Our Clients

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