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About Licensing

Let’s face it, there are many nuances to licensing. We offer various options for licensing the designs and surface graphics in our catalogue.  Whether choosing from the licensing terms available on my various online marketplaces, or requesting a more bespoke option, we can find a solution that fits your project. Please review the following sections listed below for details on the options available.


Standard Licenses


Extended Licenses


Custom Licenses

Standard Licensing

When you purchase one of our bundles, templates or collections of graphics, they automatically come with a Standard License set by the marketplace where you purchased the files. Depending on the marketplace, the standard license terms vary. Be sure to select your marketplace of choice based on your plans for use. If you need a commercial license that is not covered in one of the marketplace’s available options, we can help set up a custom license that suits your specific commercial use.

You can find the most comprehensive selections from our catalogue on the following online platforms, both with various license options to suit your needs.

Creative Market


When you purchase our graphics sets through Creative Market, you are given three options for licensing the graphics. In a nutshell they are:


The Personal License

This comes automatically bundled with your purchase allows for personal use only.


The Commercial License

This option allows for 5000 total units of product can be made with the collection of graphics or templates and the graphics must be integrated into a larger work with changes.


The Extended License

This option allows for up to 250,000 units of product to be created without changes or alterations to the graphics



When you purchase products through our shop on Etsy, they will come with our own Simple Standard License, which is intended for personal use only. You may also use the items to create designs commercially for your clients etc, as long as the designs are not used in, on or with products intended for sale. Please read below for further details on our Etsy Simple Standard License.

Our ETSY Standard License Terms in Plain English

– You may use of each graphic included in the bundle you purchased within a single personal or commercial project, where the end product is not for sale. The graphics do not need to all be used in the same project, but each graphic may only be used once.


– You may incorporate the graphics into your designs where the design is part of a new end product so long as it is not used alone, but instead as elements or parts of a new design.


– You may not resell, share or re-distribute the graphics in any way.


– You may not sell an end product, or sell access to an end product that incorporates our design. If you or your client wants to sell the end product, you must purchase an Extended License to suit your production plans.


Extended Licensing

In addition to standard licenses, we offer a selection of off-the-shelf extended licenses for individual graphics at various production quantities. With these extended licenses you are permitted to make products intended for sale, using our graphics without attribution. You can find the current selection in the licenses section of our shop on Etsy.


In the event that you do not find the kind or scale of license you are looking for, please inquire below about custom licensing options.

Custom Licensing

If you are interested in learning more about custom licensing please contact us here:


In your message, please tell us a little about your production plans:

-which graphic(s) would you like to work with

-the product you are making

-how you intend to use the graphic (is it for packaging, on the product itself, etc.)

-quantity you will be producing

-region and mode of distribution