The Color Magic Series

Discover the creative power in your own hands with this inspiring workshop series.

Join us for a series of 2-part evenings where you will learn the stories of Celestial Oracle Cards and explore the magic that pours from your had as you fill them with color.  


In a relaxed atmosphere, you will be introduced to the 22 oracle illustrations, discovering the symbology and mythology that inspired the creation of this popular new coloring book. From the history of Tarot to modern trends in design and the science of intention setting, the talks weave together rich threads from many disciplines.


Alongside the wisdom of the oracles, you will also learn artistic techniques for imbuing your personal deck with gorgeous color and powerful meaning. In this way, the first half of the evening provides many insights and inspiration for making the most of the coloring journey you will embark upon in the second half of the evening, when your hands make the magic!

Dive deep into these rich subjects
Oracle Cards

• The history of the Tarot

• The story of the oracles

• Card symbolism and iconography

• Reading the oracles


Color & Mark Making

• A gentle introduction to color theory

• Mark-making techniques and tips

• Color blending techniques and special effects

• Story telling with color

• Practices for filling your cards with intention


General Information

Group Size: 9-18 participants

Duration: 3 hours – including break

Price includes a personal copy of the Celestial Oracles Coloring Book.

A selection of colored pencils will be provided but you are welcome to bring your personal set of colors as well.


Single Evening Events

Learn the story of the Celestial Oracle’s symbology, it’s connection to other divinatory practices and myths while filling the hand drawn illustrations with your personal meanings. Chock full of helpful guidance on mark-making, color blending and shading, you’ll have an inspiring start to creating your personal deck of Celestial Oracle cards.


4-6 Evening Workshops

Spread over the course of 4-6 evenings, you’ll have the opportunity to fully flesh out your own custom deck of Celestial Oracle Cards. Each evening will address a unique feature of the cards and coloring techniques, leading you to create a beautiful and personalised set filled with your positive intentions and the learnings from each evening.

Who It’s For

Would you like to find a fun activity that gets you off your devices and back into being present in the physical world?


Are you a coloring book lover with a curiosity for Tarot and oracle cards?


Do you want to learn how to tell stories with color?


Have you been dreaming of creating something by hand, that’s meaningful and lasting?


Are you fascinated by woo woo topics like astrology, spirit animals, divination and manifestation?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you. And if you answered yes to two or more, then what are you waiting for? Sign up today to get news on our upcoming sessions!

Brand Catalyst Bootcamps

Unleash the power of your authentic brand with this powerful weekend workshop.

In this 2-day intensive boot camp you will craft an authentic brand story & communication strategy that uniquely positions you to attract your ideal clients & make the money you deserve.


Led by Amy Stafford, founder of award winning Blixa 6 Studios, you’ll be guided through a powerful process developed ove 18 years in the branding biz, with info-rich presentations and thought provoking exercises.

In two inspiring days you will

• Discover the 5 secrets of successful brands that every small business should know.

• Formulate your brand’s own “secret sauce”.

• Craft a “WOW Statement” that showcases your unique brand qualities.

• Learn how to attract your ideal clients without feeling slimy.

• Identify your brand ecosystem & strategies to attract key influencers.

Workshop Details

Group Size: 9-18 participants

Duration: 5 hours per day – plus 1hr for lunch

Refreshments: Tea and light snacks provided during breaks, with plenty of restaurants for lunch in the neighbourhood

Language: English

Price: 495,-

Praise for the Brand Catalyst Bootcamp

“The Brand Catalyst Boot Camp made me think and approach the entire branding issue in a surprising new way. It particularly resonated with me for its focus on authenticity. Loved that! Amy is lots of fun and has a clear and conscise way of getting to the heart of your business.”



“Amy’s Boot Camp helped me to revise my product development according to my customers needs. I now feel so much more confident about my brand positioning.”